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With over 50 years of experience with presentation and storage materials, Imas knows exactly what each customer needs and offers the perfect solution. With stylish products and unique designs we provide an individual, distinctive presentation by use of functional and communicative products. Imas Maatwørk bv offers a wide range of storage and presentation tools, and in addition to the standard products we offer customized solutions, tailored to individual needs. Imas is responsible for the sale of MyFrame. Our representative Ron would love to discuss with you the possibilities for your personalized MyFrame.




Presentation and storage materials are the perfect tools to leave an unforgettable impression. True, it is just cardboard, but the important thing is what you do with it and what the possibilities are. Moeskops Grafisch opens up a world of countless possibilities. Large quantities or small batches, special processes, a collector’s item or a range of luxury suitcases? We turn your presentation folders into showpieces and your storage boxes into treasure chests. We work together with designers on a regular base to create new and inspiring products. MyFrame is such an example, which we developed and produced together with Zeezicht.




Strong design, well applicable. That’s where we start from with many of our assignments. When we get started, we already have the final application in mind. But we also try to give a lot of space to the design, to form a solid basis which can be transformed and deployed. We work with a wide range of platforms such as web, print and apps, and we often give advice and support. And sometimes we feel like developing products. When we were in such a mood, Zeezicht invented and designed MyFrame. Together with Moeskops we developed it into a unique and surprising design that`s applicable in many places.


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